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Ready to use your voice?

The Mighty Little Podcast Course

Over the course of 4 weeks, Andrea will help you through every step of the process to creating your very own podcast! Learn everything from how to choose name of your show to how to get it up on itunes! Andrea promises to make it fun + easy so you are sure to make this dream real.

In this course, we will explore:

Week #1: Let’s make it real.
This week we will get clear on what our podcast is about, what our vision and deeper purpose is for our show, choosing a name and creating a description for itunes. We will also create a graphic for our podcast! And some fancy music for the intro + outro.

Week #2: The technical pieces you need to know.
Equipment, how to name your files, what software you might need. Don’t worry. I promise to make this all very fun + easy. We will hold hands when it feels overwhelming!

Week #3: We’re geeking out now.
Writing and recording your intro + outro. Show notes. Creating graphics for each episode. How to infuse storytelling into your work.

Week #4: Recording, editing and publishing
Launching your show! And getting the word out. We will be bringing it all together in this last week and making sure you have everything ready for your podcast launch. Then we will celebrate because holy moly, we deserve it!

At a Glance

The Mighty Little Podcast Course

Next 4 week session begins on Monday, October 22, 2018.


Course Details

The Mighty Little Podcast Course


4 weeks starting Monday, October 22, 2018


online in the Ruzuku classroom


You will receive a lesson each weekday that will help you find clarity on your podcast ideas + the practically know-how to get them done.


Anyone who has a little whisper of a podcast dream.


4 weeks of learning how to bring your podcast idea to life!


$199 USD


Because your voice makes a difference.

What I believe

  • I believe that there is an opportunity to create extraordinary images right outside your door.
  • I believe that you don’t need fancy equipment or advanced technical skills to create gorgeous work.
  • I believe that creativity is an access point to personal growth and that by exploring our creativity we become more brave, more intuitive and more alive.
  • I believe that when we do it together, it’s way more fun.