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Intuitive Photography

Low Tech, High Vibe

Yep, you read that right. Low on the technical mumbo jumbo, high on the magic. This is the photography class I always wanted to take! My eyes have always glazed over during lessons about F-stops and shutter speeds… (you too?) It seemed like something I was supposed to master, but honestly, I just didn’t want to put my attention there. So after decades of being a professional photographer, I finally figured out what I’ve been doing all these years – intuitive photography. 

Intuitive photography gives us permission to let go of taking a technically perfect photo in favor of moving toward the things that matter even more to us – moving with aliveness, curiosity and joy. Connecting with delight and what feels resonant in us when we are shooting. Seeing the world through creative eyes. It’s presence, it’s embodiment, intuition and connection.

This means that we will (mostly!) let go of shutter speeds and F-stops in favor of putting our attention on other things – making photography a practice that honors our intuition + results in vibrant photos.

Some of the “rules” of Intuitive Photography:

This is a come as you are party. You get to come with all that you know + don’t know about photography. you get to come with your crappy camera or your awesome phone. Guess what? Whatever camera you carry with you is the very best camera!

There are no mistakes here. We trade our fear for curiosity. We try new things. We wonder aloud, what if I did it this way?

We follow our delight. This is how we find our voice friends. We follow the aliveness. The resonance. I will show you how.

We cultivate our intuition. What draws you in? Is it a particular juxtaposition of color? Is it the inside of a flower? Is it old toys at the antique shop? What makes your heart leap a little? What makes your breath catch?

The very best camera is the one that’s with you! (So yes, you can use your phone!)

Here’s what you’ll discover, inside:

  • Fresh themes, every week.
    Portraits, selfies, hidden treasures, composition, color, and more.
  • No-sweat technical lessons.
    Intuitive Photography is focused on play & self-expression, but you’ll learn the fundamentals of composition, lighting, post-processing + more.
  • Creative photo prompts.
    Each day there will be creative photo prompts to inspire you to stretch beyond the ordinary.
  • Community cheerleading.
    A warm & encouraging community space to share & admire our work.

What is intuitive photography?

It’s an approach to photography that’s not about taking a technically perfect photo, but capturing something vibrant and alive, something that lights you up.

It’s about presence. Landing in the moment more fully and noticing what’s around us.

It’s embodiment. It’s noticing what makes your body light up in aliveness.

It’s about curiosity. It’s about trading your fear for curiosity. It’s about seeing the world through curious + creative eyes.

It’s about play. You can’t do this wrong. It’s all a big experiment and the stakes are low. There’s not even film to buy! Let this be the place you are willing to make mistakes, do it badly, have it not turn out how you want. Practice being messy and curious and alive in a creative process.

The fun begins May 13th, 2019 and goes for 5 weeks!

Week #1: The Magic of Intuitive Photography (The practice, the benefits, the approach)
Week #2: Natural + Vibrant Portraits (My specialty folks)
Week #3: The Natural World (How to capture the magic you see out there)
Week #4: Creative Self-portraiture (or how to make Insta-worthy selfies!)
Week #5: Post-Processing (A deeper dive with apps to make your images really sing)

Note: Lessons about light, composition + other technical-ish things will woven throughout the class in a fun and easy way. There will also be lots of creative prompts that will get you out there + seeing the world with fresh eyes! 

At a Glance

Intuitive Photography

5 weeks of learning how to take vibrant images!

Next 5 week session begins on Monday, May 20, 2019.


Course Details

Intuitive Photography


5 weeks starting Monday, May 20, 2019



Lessons, activities, and interviews all delivered to your inbox four days a week. There will also be a classroom site where we can share our work and connect with each other.




$179 USD


What I believe

  • I believe that there is an opportunity to create extraordinary images right outside your door.
  • I believe that you don’t need fancy equipment or advanced technical skills to create gorgeous work.
  • I believe that creativity is an access point to personal growth and that by exploring our creativity we become more brave, more intuitive and more alive.
  • I believe that when we do it together, it’s way more fun.