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E-course Bootcamp (Self-study version)

What if you could create your course in 5 weeks?

In E-course Bootcamp, you will take your seed of an idea and grow it into a beautiful course that reflects your authentic self.

As the creator of 10 successful e-courses (including Mondo Beyondo, Superhero Photo, Cultivating Courage + Superhero School) I have a lot to share with you about shaping courses for a fun + engaging online experience.

Here’s what you’ll discover, inside:

The journey. Great e-courses (like great stories) have an arc. I will help you shape the course so that your students will be taken on a ride that is meaningful, rich and engaging.

The technical side. I will teach you everything you need to know about the technical aspects of delivering an e-course. We can figure out what options will work the best for you.

The sales page. How to create a sales page that distills your idea into a simple + compelling message.

The map. We will map out your course so that you come away with a table of contents and a template for your class – everything you will need to build your course into something truly remarkable.

Naming your course. Another one of my superpowers. We can brainstorm creative, catchy and sticky titles that will attract participants and set you apart from the rest.

Pricing. I have a game that will help you find just the right price.

Engagement. How do you keep your students engaged? How do you pull them back in if participation starts to drop off? We will create ways to keep your students engaged with your material so that they come away feeling satisfied + happy they took your course.

+ much more!

My courses are successful because they reflect my authentic voice + style. They are playful, simple,  engaging. I will teach you how to honor your signature style as well.

I will be sharing all of my secrets for creating powerful + successful online courses! Plus, you will be immersed in a community of fellow creators that will help motivate you + keep you accountable and on track.

At a Glance

E-course Bootcamp (Self-study version)

What if you could create your e-course in 5 weeks?

Next 5 week session begins on Monday, February 27, 2017.


Course Details

E-course Bootcamp (Self-study version)


5 weeks starting Monday, February 27, 2017


Online, self-paced, done in community


Links to lessons, activities, downloads all delivered to your inbox.


Anyone who has an e-course brewing inside them


5 weeks of lessons, worksheets, etc. Everything you need to create your course


$299 USD


Because I want you to share your magic with the world

Having the E-Course Bootcamp container to work within helped me focus my energies and move the course from my head into something real. You have provided us with a delicious mix of practical, creative, and encouraging wisdom for running a successful online e-course. I will be recommending it to all of my fellow coaches and soul-preneurs who are interested in developing their own courses!

-Victoria Smith,
Softly Wild E-course

I am sooo happy to have you as a guide here. To be honest: I have had a lot of training and workshops online and I have gotten allergic to strategic plans and funnels and ‘growing a six figure business’ and 'almost a 7 figure business’ and the '5 reasons to avoid this' and the '7 mistakes you can make in that'….So hallelujah for Andrea! You are real, you walk your talk, you are present, you do bring in techy and sales issues, but I really needed your voice and truth now. THANK YOU.


I'd been considering a e-course for a long time, but was so overwhelmed by what seemed like 1000 pieces. During the one day I spent with Andrea, she helped me choose a platform, map out the course, write the sales page, and brainstorm interactive elements to engage the students. But even more importantly, Andrea helped me connect to the mission and meaning behind the class. After I day with her, not only did I feel like I had a go-to toolkit for creating the class, I also felt supercharged with passion!

– Sherry Richert Belul,
Creator of Simply Celebrate

What I believe

  • I believe that there is an opportunity to create extraordinary images right outside your door.
  • I believe that you don’t need fancy equipment or advanced technical skills to create gorgeous work.
  • I believe that creativity is an access point to personal growth and that by exploring our creativity we become more brave, more intuitive and more alive.
  • I believe that when we do it together, it’s way more fun.