Summer Mastermind + other good things.

Sweet friends,

Several of the Superhero School students wanted to keep our magic circle going… yay! And I have room for a few more to join. I would love to invite YOU to be part of a creative mastermind for the next few months!

Each of us will have some kind of goal in mind for the summer – something achievable, measurable, life-giving and delicious – that the group would support us in. (This could be anything from opening an Etsy store to dancing every day to going on 15 dates!)

It’s going to be a powerful way to be connected – in community and accountable. Live calls 3 Fridays a month where we will be in a group coaching circle. I love teaching this way. We learn SO MUCH from listening to each others’ stories, stuck places, dreams + visions. I will also do a private coaching session with you each month!

Here are the details:

When: 3 months long – June, July and August 2019
Fridays at 10am -11:15 am PST on Zoom
What: Summer Mastermind – 8 people maximum
How: Private 30 minute coaching call with Andrea 1x  a month
Live group coaching calls 3x month (recorded if you have to miss any!)
Investment: 595-
Why: Because there is so much love in this virtual room + it’s a blessing to be connected this way. This is a place where we can drop in and be fully ourselves + continue to amplify the parts of us that want to be seen.

If this sounds like a delicious yes for you, hit the button above! (Just a few spots available, maximum of 8 people) Or if you have any questions (or would prefer a payment plan) let me know.

Big hugs to each of you!


Booking for Summer Portrait Sessions

The shots of Judi and Bob above are very precious to me! Bob was my beloved music teacher when I was in grade school. He came to school for a few months and sang in class, wrote songs with us + just generally rocked our world. I think everyone loved him, but I might have loved him the most. 😉 He woke up the artist in me with his talent and creativity and kindness.

When he recorded a kids album, he asked several of us kids to join him at the studio (I even got to sing a few solos!) This became my first “real” creative project… and I was deeply proud and unreasonably excited.

This is a reminder that teachers make such a huge (life-changing) impact on our kids with their generosity, presence and kindness. A huge shout-out to all of you teachers out there!

Judi and Bob are now an incredible duo and I look forward to the next time I can see them perform! But for now, I’ll settle for capturing their contagious joy and love. Full circle of goodness.

Do you have any teachers that made a huge difference in your life?

With love, Andrea

We are all a pain in the ass. ❤️

This might sound like an unlikely love note, but hear me out. I’ve been in a new, blossoming love relationship. It’s rainbows + hearts and all the delicious things! And, as is inevitable, we’ve also recently stumbled into a patch of real. That crunchy place where two people come together to do their soul work. That moment when you realize, oh right, there is some healing we can do together here. Crap. I mean yay!

That moment when attachment styles get triggered – one pulls away, the other gets scared and reactive. Preferences don’t align. Wounds collide and call us forth to be higher versions of ourselves. It can be painful.

My own work is a lot about using my voice and speaking my truth, even when I wish my truth was different. I want to be easy. I don’t want to be too much for someone else, or god forbid, NEEDY. For me, having needs is soooooo vulnerable… to be perceived as weak or a pain in the ass is totally mortifying. Plus, I am afraid that once someone sees what an anxious pain in the butt I am, they will run for the hills. Can you relate?

As I shared this with a friend this morning, she said, “But wait, is HE easy?” I thought for a moment. “No!” I said with glee. “He’s not!” And you still love him, right?” she pressed. Now I was getting it. “Everyone’s kind of a pain in the ass!” I exclaimed.

We are all complex creatures – messy and beautiful and wounded and powerful and brilliant. All at the same time. We are not easy and that’s okay. We don’t have to be easy to be loved. We don’t have to pretend we’re strong when we’re not. Having needs and being needy are not the same thing. We can allow our real selves to be seen. #the100dayproject



CSP #45: Little Panic: Dispatches From an Anxious Life with Amanda Stern

Amanda Stern is the author of the novel The Long Haul, the memoir Little Panic: Dispatches from an Anxious Life, and eleven children’s books written under pseudonyms. She founded the popular Happy Ending Music and Reading Series in 2003, which had its final show at Joe’s Pub in June 2018. She lives in Brooklyn with her daughter Busy, who just happens to be a dog.


Oops! + a way to make your photos look more magical. (Sneak preview of my new course!)

Maybe it’s spring, but holy moly, I have been in a creative frenzy lately! Have you been feeling it too?

For me, it started with a week of intense anxiety that I was having trouble managing… nothing was working! All my usual self-care tricks like walking, talking with friends, meditating couldn’t even touch it. I started to wonder if my trusty anxiety medication wasn’t working anymore! And then… I listened to that quiet voice in me that kept whispering, Paint. Paint.

Within 45 minutes of swirling colors around with my brush, the anxiety had lifted. I was fully present again, in my flow and my joy. I was a bit shocked. And I remembered that this is precisely how I survived my 20’s and 30’s. Before I started Zoloft, I painted. Nearly every day. It has always been (since childhood) the way to calm my nervous system.

And now I’m a painting machine! I can’t stop.

Mother’s Day Oops!

A client just let me know that it said sold out for the Superhero Bullseye pendants! But there are still more available + they are up in the shop now! Last call for Mother’s Day orders! (+ free shipping included)

Here’s a sneak preview of Intuitive Photography! A little post-processing tutorial to get you inspired. If you’re ready for more, click here for more details about my upcoming Intuitive Photography course!

Have you been following me on Instagram? I’m doing a #100dayproject!

I had this one all wrong as a kid. I had collapsed lovability with performance, perfection, getting it right. There was little room for error. In this world, any criticism is a threat to your survival- and all you can do is defend or be crushed. 

What I know now is that we’re all just messy, beautiful humans trying to survive and get love and not get left behind.
I think today is supposed to be day 28 of the #the100dayproject but I am on Day 21. I decided not to worry, just let myself skip days as necessary, because I know that if I think I’ve blown it, I’ll quit. Zero sum game. Old paradigm. And so I’m letting it not be perfect in order to keep going. #the100dayproject


What your mama really wants for Mother’s Day.

I went to a birthday party several years ago for my dear friend Laurie. Since she had been going through some major transitions, we wanted to gift her something really special and from the heart. Sherry Richert Belul suggested we all make her a Love List!

A Love List is pretty simple.

1. Write down 10 things you love about this person.
2. Tell them what you admire about them, what you appreciate, why they inspire you. (The more specific, the better)
3. Read it to them in person, over the phone, or put a stamp on it and send it off with love.

As I wrote my love list for Laurie, I was filled with gratitude. There was so much to love about her! and I felt so lucky to be counted as one of her dear ones.

She didn’t know we wrote these lists. We surprised her by reading them out loud, one by one after dinner, and watched the tears fall from her cheeks. She received each gift so beautifully… and we were all a puddle by the end. It was a gift to all of us.

If you are a Bay Area person, you can join me at Sherry’s book party on Saturday, May 11th from 1-4pm in Alameda! We will be celebrating her brand new book – Say it Now + Sherry will lead us in a Mini Love List Workshop as well. Such a sweet way to spend the afternoon!

Superhero bullseye pendants are also a great way to tell the mama in your life she is amazing! Just $79 and FREE SHIPPING for Mother’s Day. Order now for shipping by Mother’s Day!

Did you know I have a brand new class for you?

Low Tech, High Vibe

Yep, you read that right. Low on the technical mumbo jumbo, high on the magic. This is the photography class I always wanted to take! My eyes have always glazed over during lessons about F-stops and shutter speeds… (you too?) It seemed like something I was supposed to master, but honestly, I just didn’t want to put my attention there. So after decades of being a professional photographer, I finally figured out what I’ve been doing all these years – intuitive photography. 

Intuitive photography gives us permission to let go of taking a technically perfect photo in favor of moving toward the things that matter even more to us – moving with aliveness, curiosity and joy. Connecting with delight and what feels resonant in us when we are shooting. Seeing the world through creative eyes. It’s presence, it’s embodiment, intuition and connection.

This means that we will (mostly!) let go of shutter speeds and F-stops in favor of putting our attention on other things – making photography a practice that honors our intuition + results in vibrant photos.

More details here… 

Class starts May 13th, 2019 | You can get the early-bird discount now!

P.S. EARLY BIRD COUPON code for being on this list! Enter the code: WONDERSEEKER to get the course discounted from $179 to $149!

P.S.S. What if there’s nothing to fix about you?