Opening the creative channel in San Miguel de Allende

Hey creative friends,

Great news! Laurie and I sold out our 2019 workshops in a hurry! So we decided to offer two different session dates for 2020!

The dates for this workshop will be: January 5th – 10th, 2020 and March 15th-20th, 2020

If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is one of my favorite places in the entire world! It’s full of beauty and art, warm + friendly people and incredible architecture. It’s my favorite place in the world to collect color…. and is now my favorite place to bring a group!

The city attracts artists and lovers of art because the light there is magic. It is that painterly sort of light that exists in a handful of places in the world and it always fills me with awe. It’s a place where you want to drink in the terracotta walls, walk for hours on the cobblestone streets and peek into hidden artist studios. It’s a place where you want to create. 

My dear friend + Wild Writing teacher Laurie Wagner and I are taking a small group of creative folks back to San Miguel in January and March 2020. (January 5th-10th, 2020 and March 15th-20th, 2020) We will be exploring, writing, storytelling, taking lots of photos and having one of the most creative and delicious adventures we’ve ever had! 

Our days will be a perfect blend of Wild Writing, creative photography exercises, storytelling and exploring this magical city together. We’ll learn from local artisans, take a food tour of the city (total foodie paradise), take photo walks during the magic hour, and wander to the town square where celebration fills the streets at night.

Bring your walking shoes, your favorite camera and a notebook and we’ll take care of the rest! Spaces are limited to 15 – we want this to be an intimate gathering. Our group will be occupying an entire bed and breakfast right in the heart of downtown San Miguel. We’ll have walking access to galleries, restaurants, shops and historic sites. Breakfast will be included each day in addition to a variety of room options.

Here are the details all in one place:

January 5th-10th, 2020
March 15th-20th, 2020
(5 nights at a gorgeous bed + breakfast)

Your investment:
$2,500 (small, gorgeous private room)
$2,700 (deluxe, private room)

$2,200 (fancy shared room)
$2,400 (luxury shared suite)

(Limited availability on private rooms so be sure to nab your spot if you want one!)

The price above includes:
-Lodging for 5 nights at Casa De La Noche
-Breakfast each morning
-Wild Writing classes each day
-Magic hour photo walks + instruction
-Group art class
-Food tour of San Miguel (the most delicious way to get familiar with the city!)
-Shuttle to + from the airport (as long as you are arriving in Leon, Mexico (BJX) or Queretero)

$500 (non-refundable deposit to secure your spot!) 

Space limited to 15 lovely peeps. 
Nab your spot soon. This will sell out! (First session sold out quick!)

You will come away with:

A Wild Writing practice: Something that has sustained me and my creative life for more than 15 years now. It’s how I create every blog post + learned to tell the truth in my writing. It’s one part creative practice, one part healing practice. If you know it, you already love it. If you don’t know it, you’re in for a treat. (Led by Laurie)

A camera (or phone!) full of glorious colors + amazing images: And skills that will take your photography to the next level. (Photography led by Andrea)

15 new friends for adventure + support + connection: We will create a gorgeous little tribe for the week. We trust that just the right constellation of people will show up for a really magical time.

A fun + easy creative adventure where you get to learn + grow + play + explore. We can’t wait to be with you!

Click the button above to pay your $500 non-refundable deposit + secure your spot! (We will get back to you immediately about which session + what your lodging preferences are!)



It is solved by walking.

I was talking with friends the other day about how certain activities change your body chemistry, how you can jump in water, or simply walk along the ocean and breathe in that air and your body alters with every step. You feel different. Your head clears, your skin glows. You are quite literally a different person than when you started. Putting on the right tunes, getting in your car and screaming (as one of my friends likes to do) or going on a walk can all turn you into a different you.

On the one hand, this is all very basic and intuitive. On the other, we tend to swirl ourselves into a messy head so easily and forget that we have our bodies as our allies and collaborators in climbing out of our heady tangles.

For years I had anxiety attacks that ranged from inconvenient to totally debilitating. I wouldn’t be able to catch a full breath, and of course the harder I tried to breathe, the worse it got. I went to the doctor thinking I had asthma or some other respiratory problem. (He sent me home with no advice.) It took me years (and a xanax one day) to realize that it was anxiety.

When I moved to San Francisco I decided to try yoga and a mere two weeks into my practice the attacks went away for years. I was able to keep the anxiety at bay for a long time this way (until I became a mom, ha!) and I didn’t see it so much as exercise, but a rearranging of my cells. Like water and food and love, my body seems to need a regular dose of this too.

My friend Sasha said this beautifully, “Often we tie ourselves in knots in our minds. Though frustration comes from the head, often the best way out of it is through the body.”

I have a tendency to try and figure everything out, to try to control my life by processing it all and intellectualizing it. And sometimes that’s appropriate… but I am starting to wonder if a hot shower or a walk around the block or a hit of ocean air could help even more.

Maybe you need to playfully tackle your dog or sing loudly in your car with the windows rolled up or lay flat on your back on the floor and shout, “I surrender!”

Maybe you just need to dance it off.

Or run until your shorts are all sweaty.

Or sing into your hairbrush for a spell.

There is a quote from St. Augustine that I love: “Solvitur ambulando” which is latin for “It is solved by walking.”

Summer Mastermind + other good things.

Sweet friends,

Several of the Superhero School students wanted to keep our magic circle going… yay! And I have room for a few more to join. I would love to invite YOU to be part of a creative mastermind for the next few months!

Each of us will have some kind of goal in mind for the summer – something achievable, measurable, life-giving and delicious – that the group would support us in. (This could be anything from opening an Etsy store to dancing every day to going on 15 dates!)

It’s going to be a powerful way to be connected – in community and accountable. Live calls 3 Fridays a month where we will be in a group coaching circle. I love teaching this way. We learn SO MUCH from listening to each others’ stories, stuck places, dreams + visions. I will also do a private coaching session with you each month!

Here are the details:

When: 3 months long – June, July and August 2019
Fridays at 10am -11:15 am PST on Zoom
What: Summer Mastermind – 8 people maximum
How: Private 30 minute coaching call with Andrea 1x  a month
Live group coaching calls 3x month (recorded if you have to miss any!)
Investment: 595-
Why: Because there is so much love in this virtual room + it’s a blessing to be connected this way. This is a place where we can drop in and be fully ourselves + continue to amplify the parts of us that want to be seen.

If this sounds like a delicious yes for you, hit the button above! (Just a few spots available, maximum of 8 people) Or if you have any questions (or would prefer a payment plan) let me know.

Big hugs to each of you!


Booking for Summer Portrait Sessions

The shots of Judi and Bob above are very precious to me! Bob was my beloved music teacher when I was in grade school. He came to school for a few months and sang in class, wrote songs with us + just generally rocked our world. I think everyone loved him, but I might have loved him the most. 😉 He woke up the artist in me with his talent and creativity and kindness.

When he recorded a kids album, he asked several of us kids to join him at the studio (I even got to sing a few solos!) This became my first “real” creative project… and I was deeply proud and unreasonably excited.

This is a reminder that teachers make such a huge (life-changing) impact on our kids with their generosity, presence and kindness. A huge shout-out to all of you teachers out there!

Judi and Bob are now an incredible duo and I look forward to the next time I can see them perform! But for now, I’ll settle for capturing their contagious joy and love. Full circle of goodness.

Do you have any teachers that made a huge difference in your life?

With love, Andrea

We are all a pain in the ass. ❤️

This might sound like an unlikely love note, but hear me out. I’ve been in a new, blossoming love relationship. It’s rainbows + hearts and all the delicious things! And, as is inevitable, we’ve also recently stumbled into a patch of real. That crunchy place where two people come together to do their soul work. That moment when you realize, oh right, there is some healing we can do together here. Crap. I mean yay!

That moment when attachment styles get triggered – one pulls away, the other gets scared and reactive. Preferences don’t align. Wounds collide and call us forth to be higher versions of ourselves. It can be painful.

My own work is a lot about using my voice and speaking my truth, even when I wish my truth was different. I want to be easy. I don’t want to be too much for someone else, or god forbid, NEEDY. For me, having needs is soooooo vulnerable… to be perceived as weak or a pain in the ass is totally mortifying. Plus, I am afraid that once someone sees what an anxious pain in the butt I am, they will run for the hills. Can you relate?

As I shared this with a friend this morning, she said, “But wait, is HE easy?” I thought for a moment. “No!” I said with glee. “He’s not!” And you still love him, right?” she pressed. Now I was getting it. “Everyone’s kind of a pain in the ass!” I exclaimed.

We are all complex creatures – messy and beautiful and wounded and powerful and brilliant. All at the same time. We are not easy and that’s okay. We don’t have to be easy to be loved. We don’t have to pretend we’re strong when we’re not. Having needs and being needy are not the same thing. We can allow our real selves to be seen. #the100dayproject



CSP #45: Little Panic: Dispatches From an Anxious Life with Amanda Stern

Amanda Stern is the author of the novel The Long Haul, the memoir Little Panic: Dispatches from an Anxious Life, and eleven children’s books written under pseudonyms. She founded the popular Happy Ending Music and Reading Series in 2003, which had its final show at Joe’s Pub in June 2018. She lives in Brooklyn with her daughter Busy, who just happens to be a dog.