A remedy for when you are feeling stuck. (+ final week for Mondo Beyondo discount!)

Try this: Think of a place in your life where you feel stuck. If some part of you is asking a version of “What’s wrong with me?” like, Why can’t I get my shit together? or Why am I not a more (loving, smart, confident, focused, ambitious, insert your word of choice) person?

Try asking yourself this instead: “What do I most want? What am I longing for?” and then, “How can I create that?”

Trust me. These are much better questions.

This is how Mondo Beyondo can help right your ship. Asking ourselves what we most want and how we can create that is putting those intentions out into the Universe in a much more efficient way. Let’s not muck up the works with staying mired in what we think is wrong. Let’s orient ourselves toward where we want to go.

And guess what?

We can create magic even inside of our imperfect circumstances.
We can make dreams come true from our exquisitely imperfect selves.
We can think the wrong thoughts. We can feel jealous. We can be afraid.

And still create miracles.

Mondo Beyondo is designed to:

  • Help you identify your dreams
  • Identify your core values so that your dreams are in line with your true spirit and passions.
  • Give you tools and practices for approaching your dreams in a powerful way.
  • Show you how deepening 5 capacities in your life (courage, vulnerability, trust, intuition + flexibility) can help you create the ideal conditions for dreams to come true.
  • Give you some signs to look for to know when to quit or keep going
  • Give you practices you can do regularly to honor your dreams and make space for them

Note: Class begins, Monday, September 16th, 2019
(6 weeks, all done at your own pace with a gorgeous community of kindreds)

More details here. 

You can still enter the coupon code: EARLYBIRDMAGIC to get the course for $99! ($129)


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