February 10, 2011

giving in to gratitude


So I finally broke down and did it. After all these years, I finally bought a gratitude journal! I've been resisting it for what seems like forever... Since I'm in the field of personal growth, everywhere I turn, people recommend this practice. It will get you in touch with your joy! You will be a happier person! When you adopt an attitude of gratitude, nothing can stop you!

And I immediately felt allergic to the whole idea. Something about making these lists of what I'm grateful for made me feel, well, somehow not grateful enough. Weird, right? It felt forced... like it wasn't okay to feel the full range of my emotions. A kind of looking on the bright side and pushing down the dark. My gratitude gremlin would kick in.

But you know what? I didn't realize it until today but somebody, somebody really cute in my life, taught me about about gratitude in a really different way. Ben initiated a tradition of recalling our favorite parts of each day before bed. In his own way, he created the perfect kind of gratitude ritual for our family. By asking a different question, I got to the heart of my own gratitude.

I was at the Paper Source the other day and passed by this beautiful orange book. Before I knew it I had purchased it and started filling the pages with my favorite parts.

I think I feel better already. ;)

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February 09, 2011

Down by the Bay (aka. Cute Overload)

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February 07, 2011

beach booty

beach booty Ben, Santa Cruz, CA, Canon PowerShot S95

Don't hate us, but it was 70-ish degrees this weekend and sunny! We hightailed it to the beach in Santa Cruz, our first weekend away in almost a year, and had the sweetest time. If you are visiting that part of the coast, don't miss Natural Bridges (gorgeous beach with tide pools galore ) and the dreamy drive along Highway One. The fields were drenched in yellow flowers... And we loved staying at Costanoa just about 20 miles north of Santa Cruz.


Ben was totally blissed out.

Ben, Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz, CA, Canon PowerShot S95

And if you can find a couple of mermaid princesses to play with at the beach, then you're truly gold.


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