December 10, 2009

Completion Ritual for 2009*

It Felt Like a Kiss, SF, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

The new year is always an exciting time for me. I love wiping the slate clean, buying a new calendar and beginning again. It is also a ripe time for ritual, so if you you would like to join me in one now, I would like to invite you to be part of a Mondo Beyondo exercise for 2009.

The surest way to start fresh and move forward is to be at peace with what came before. You might have had an incredible year, a dull year, or a truly difficult year. Whatever happened, your aim is to celebrate what there is to celebrate about it and grieve what there is to grieve...

My challenge for you is to answer the following questions and declare 2009 complete. Rituals can be even more powerful when others can witness you. You are welcome to do this exercise privately, but I suggest sharing with a friend and/or posting your lists here. You are in good, safe company. (Feel free to post anonymously)

1. What do you want to acknowledge yourself for in regard to 2009?
(What did you create? What challenges did you face with courage and strength? What promises did you keep to yourself? What brave choices did you make? What are you proud of?)

2. What is there to grieve about 2009?
(What was disappointing? What was scary? What was hard? What can you forgive yourself for?)

3. What else do you need to say about the year to declare it complete?

Okay, the next step is to say out loud, "I declare 2009 complete!" How do you feel? If you don't feel quite right, there might be one more thing to say...

The final step is to consider your primary focus for the year to come. What is your primary intention or theme for 2009? Is it the year of joy? the year of self-care? the year of partnership? Stand up and say it proud, "2009 is my year of...."

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December 08, 2009

Best of 2009 Blog Challenge: Moment of Peace + Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben, tub, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

Dear Ben,

I am sitting in the bathroom with you while you take a bath. It is our daily ritual and one of the most peaceful moments of our day. You in the hot, soapy water, me listening to you sing and talk to your animals. And then the occasional conversation between us:

Me: What was that?
Ben: A bubble fart!
Me: Wow!
Ben: Now I'm going pee pee.

It's our one pause of the day, a rare moment when we have nowhere to go and we're not rushing to the next thing. When will I ever learn to stop rushing to the next thing?

Anyway Ben, you are three years old today. Three years old!! I am amazed by how much you know and how wise you are in the most important ways.

Ben, Dolores Park, SF, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

Your train phase is coming to a close and your sea creature phase has begun. More specifically, your whale obsession is in full effect. Every night you point to the creatures in our whale book and tell me the names: That's a beluga, that's a great whale (grey whale is the proper name but whatevs!) a pilot, a sperm whale, and that's a whale shark. You are teaching me so much Ben! I didn't even know whale sharks existed.

And then there's the dinosaurs. Dinos! I am beginning to see how being the parent of a boy requires a sophisticated vocabulary of dinosaurs, trucks and wildlife. I am slowly learning my wart hog from my narwhal. My excavator from my digger. Oh, and I can recite all the names of the Thomas trains.


As always Ben, you have it bad for music. What you lack in technical skill you make up for in showmanship. You've got that rockstar thing down. It is almost alarming how good you look playing guitar.

Mostly Ben, I want to tell you that for me, there is one moment of the day that is always better than every other. It is the moment when I pick you up from school. You are usually playing outside and I look around the play area for you. When we spot each other, you face lights up in the biggest grin and you shout Mama!! and run full throttle towards me. Then we hug and smoosh our faces together and seriously Ben, it's like the BEST THING EVER. The very best thing that happens to me all day. What could ever happen that could be better than that?

I just love you so much.

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy.


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