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The Conscious Girl’s Dating Circle

I’ve been dating (mostly online) for the last few years and according to my friends, I am having a freakishly positive experience. I will be sharing lots of personal stories (juicy, tender + hilarious ones!) and creating a space where we can learn how to use our dating experiences to grow our courage, hone our intuition and cultivate more joy.

In other words, there is a way to have dating be a delicious and meaningful end in and of itself and not just a means to an end.

I believe dating is SUPER rich territory for personal growth. It’s accelerated soul work and a huge opportunity to lean into your authentic spirit and feel more self-love, power and aliveness right now. Not when you get the guy or the girl. But right now.

You are me, and I am you. You are wise + kind + brave and wondering why the heck you are still dating… You might be feeling frustrated and lost and tempted to stop trying altogether.

I get it. And am here to bring more ease and joy into the process.

We will explore:

  • Your dating mindset and the stories are getting in the way of your joy. You will come away with a new narrative – one that feels authentic and also empowers and serves you on your dating adventures.
  • Dating profile as manifesting tool. Getting clear on who we are calling in and what our vision is for the relationships we are manifesting.
  • Honing our intuition: Our full body yeses and no’s. How to tune into our intuition long before we even go on the first date!
  • How to bring more joy to the process.
  • How to set solid boundaries, use our voices powerfully to manifest the relationships we truly want, and tell the truth more quickly and easily.
  • Feng shui-ing our dating life: How to let go of straggling connections and how to say no with grace and ease.
  • How to be compassionate with yourself though the ups and downs – from the thrill of new connection to the disappointment and rejection.
  • How to raise your vibe so that you are embodying the feelings of being in love, right now.
  • How your attachment style might be getting in the way + so much more!

At a Glance

The Conscious Girl’s Dating Circle

4 weeks of bringing clarity, joy and ease into your dating adventures.

Next 4 week session begins on Monday, April 9, 2018.


Course Details

The Conscious Girl’s Dating Circle


4 weeks starting Monday, April 9, 2018


Online classroom, self-paced


Lessons, worksheets and interviews all delivered to your inbox four days a week. There will also be a classroom site where we can share our stories and create a gorgeous tribe.


All you badass babes out there that are feeling fatigued by the dating process and want to get inspired + have some clear tools.


4 weeks of lessons, worksheets and interviews to help you infuse more joy and ease into the dating adventure.




A new way into joy and gratitude

What I believe

  • I believe that there is an opportunity to create extraordinary images right outside your door.
  • I believe that you don’t need fancy equipment or advanced technical skills to create gorgeous work.
  • I believe that creativity is an access point to personal growth and that by exploring our creativity we become more brave, more intuitive and more alive.
  • I believe that when we do it together, it’s way more fun.