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4 weeks e-course

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  • Online, self-paced

  • Bring a sense of play!

Capture Fall: (Instant Access) iphone photo course

The very best camera is the one that's with you!

In Capture Fall, you will learn to rock your camera-phone — and discover that beauty and joy are everywhere.

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6 weeks e-course
$99 USD

Course Notes

  • Online, self-paced

  • Open hearts encouraged!

Mondo Beyondo (Self-study version available now!)

Find out what your Mondo Beyondo dreams are + how to make them real!
Join me + creative superhero Jen Lemen as we explore what it means to live, love + manifest the Impossible, with the outrageous magic of Mondo Beyondo.

This best-selling e-course blooms twice a year. Come once, take it twice, stay forever — or gift it to a friend.

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5 weeks e-course
$299 USD

Course Notes

  • Online, self-paced, done in community

  • Let it be fun and easy

E-course Bootcamp (Self-study version available now!)

5 weeks of bringing your e-course idea to life!

We will take your seed of an idea and make it real. Through fun and easy lessons, worksheets + assignments you will discover: The map of your course, technical options for how to deliver your course, how to keep your participants engaged, how to create a powerful sales page + so much more.

I will be sharing all of my secrets for creating powerful + successful online courses! Plus, you will be immersed in a community of fellow creators that will help motivate you + keep you accountable and on track.

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Always enrolling

In a world of imitators, Andrea Scher is a genuine superhero who walks the talk. Get in while you can!

– Chris Guillebeau,
author of The $100 Startup

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  • Heart forward peeps!

Make Your Own Magic

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4 weeks e-course

Course Notes

  • in the Ruzuku classroom

  • Open hearts encouraged!

Cultivating Everyday Magic

I believe in cultivating our superpowers - like courage, intuition, gratitude, creativity and wonder. I also believe that we can use our powers to delight, inspire and bless the world.

The world + our hearts need some extra love and healing right now.

What if a community of kindred spirits came together for the purpose of delighting ourselves and delighting the world? What if we became a collection of bright little lights that rippled out and offered something healing and joy-filled? What if we could make a difference through our creativity and our heart-forward way of being in the world?

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