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30 days e-course
$197 USD

Course Notes

  • Online, self-paced, done in community

  • Open hearts encouraged!

Cultivating Courage

One conscious, brave choice -- every day for 30 days. Who will you be on the other side?

Our creative superpowers are like muscles we can strengthen. As we build our capacity to be brave, we discover our confidence and our mojo. We trust ourselves more. The world opens up to us in new ways.

No heroic feats of courage necessary, just simple, everyday courage!

Next Session of Cultivating Courage:

Monday, February 27, 2017

6 weeks e-course
$99 USD

Course Notes

  • Online, self-paced

  • Open hearts encouraged!

Mondo Beyondo

Find out what your Mondo Beyondo dreams are + how to make them real!
Join me + creative superhero Jen Lemen as we explore what it means to live, love + manifest the Impossible, with the outrageous magic of Mondo Beyondo.

This best-selling e-course blooms twice a year. Come once, take it twice, stay forever — or gift it to a friend.

Next Session of Mondo Beyondo:

Monday, January 9, 2017

5 weeks e-course
$399 USD

Course Notes

  • Online, self-paced, done in community

  • Let it be fun and easy

E-course Bootcamp

5 weeks of bringing your e-course idea to life!

We will take your seed of an idea and make it real. Through fun and easy lessons, worksheets + assignments you will discover: The map of your course, technical options for how to deliver your course, how to keep your participants engaged, how to create a powerful sales page + so much more.

I will be sharing all of my secrets for creating powerful + successful online courses! Plus, you will be immersed in a community of fellow creators that will help motivate you + keep you accountable and on track.

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Instant Access e-course
$20 USD

Course Notes

  • Online, self-paced

  • Just dive in!

Manifesting 2017

I believe we have the power to design and create what we most desire. Let's reflect together at this ripe time of the year on what our hearts truly long for.

Then we step into the magic.

Next Session of Manifesting 2017:

Always enrolling

In a world of imitators, Andrea Scher is a genuine superhero who walks the talk. Get in while you can!

– Chris Guillebeau,
author of The $100 Startup

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