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Manifesting 2016: Join me for a pay-what-you-want mini-course!


One of my superpowers is creating spaces online where people feel safe to express their desires + fears and celebrate their joys. The New Year has always been such a rich time of reflection for me – a time to acknowledge how I grew this year, how I was brave, what was hard… and declare my year complete.

This creates a beautiful space to vision what’s to come. What does your heart truly want in 2016? Where is your spirit calling you next? What do you secretly want to happen?

I’ve been guiding this mini-manifesting workshop for years in a live setting + decided to finally bring it to you in an online format! You can gather friends for this process, take some time do it privately or join us in the classroom for an experience in community with other kindred manifesters!

In this mini-course you will find:

Completing your year worksheet
Consciously creating 2016
Mondo Beyondo list-making
Choose your word of the year

Pay what you want. My New Year’s gift to you!

With love,



Grateful for you!


Dear Superheroes,

So grateful for each + every one of you!

My heart has been full to bursting as the Cultivating Wonder class unfolds… and my eyes
are even more open to wonder than usual. You guys are amazing.



$100 off the E-course Bootcamp that begins January 11th, 2016!

$30 off of the Cultivating Courage course beginning January 18th, 2016!

Let’s be brave together!

P.S. Still considering coming to Bali with me in April? Please come! Just a few spots available.






Creative Radiance Toolkit – 72 hours only!


Holy moly you guys, this might be the best little bundle of goodies ever!

The Creative Radiance Toolkit is a curated bundle of potent support created by 30 of the brightest minds and biggest hearts working at the intersection of creativity and spirituality – including me! It includes 54 e-books, e-courses, audios, music, videos, intimate conversations, poetry, essays, and most of all, support and tell-it-like-it-is insights to help you create with more ease and grace, and share your work with more courage.

80% the content is exclusive to the Toolkit and will only be available during the 72-hour sale.

PLUS when you purchase the kit, you’ll support Migrant Offshore Aid Station, a very creative effort to save the lives of refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean. 

Here’s what the Toolkit includes: (Price is $108)

  • Unstoppable by Alexandra Franzen
    A course for people struggling with “writer’s block” and all kinds of unhelpful, icky attitudes about writing.
  • Morning Mantras by Andrea Scher
    30 days of intimate voice messages designed to awaken your courage, compassion, and joy.
  • Move/Love/Create by Anna Guest-Jelley (Exclusive to the Toolkit!)
    A desk yoga practice, a loving-kindness meditation, and a love letter to read before creating.
  • Creative Anarchy by Brian Andreas & Wendy Saver (Exclusive!)
    Brian’s original hand-drawn stories combine with Wendy’s writing to challenge you towards a more seamless integration of life, love, and art making.
  • On Presence And The Body by Chris Zydel (Exclusive!)
    Prepare to paint, write, or dance from a place of being connected to the deepest parts of YOU!
  • The Beauty in Every Moment by Christine Mason Miller (Exclusive to the Toolkit!)
    “At any given moment, you have the power to say: this is not how the story is going to end.”
  • Spiritual Practices to Nourish Creative Radiance by Christine Valters Paintner (Exclusive!)
    Three guided ancient contemplative practices which help you open to a deepened creative connection.
  • The True Writer by Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen with Dani Shapiro (Exclusive!)
    An in-depth look at a true writer’s practices with Danielle, Linda, and Dani, plus a frank(and exclusive) conversation about Danielle’s best practices for getting her amazing writing done.
  • Before You Quit Writing, Read This! by Dave Ursillo
    Encourage and support your writing journey with 23+ authentic stories, lessons, and motivations.
  • Ride the MantraWave by Eric Klein
    Two beautiful mantra recordings to solve and dissolve creative block, plus an exclusiveconversation with Eric on how to use obstacles and fears to turn toward creative radiance.
  • Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley (Exclusive!)
    Witness the creation of two large paintings while Flora adds her insights and reflections on her process along the way.
  • The Making of a Poem by Hiro Boga (Exclusive!)
    How does the creative process work? The Making of a Poem explores this path by walking you through one poet’s experience of writing a long-form, narrative poem. e-Book.
  • Mind Rooms Guide by Jeffrey Davis
    The simple life-changing method for shaping time to enhance creative work flow, plus anexclusive in-depth conversation with Jeffrey about his morning and evening rituals and how they undergird his incredible productivity.
  • The 10 Letters Project LIVE by Jen Lee and Tim Manley (Exclusive!)
    A conversation that captures playwright Tim Manley and filmmaker Jen Lee in a rare moment of both completing and beginning new work, de-briefing from the shoot of Tim’s successful play in New York.
  • Shaping Creative Radiant Containers by Jennifer Louden (Exclusive!)
    Best practices for focusing in the midst of ordinary life to get sustained creative work done.
  • Creative Radiance Invocation by Jennifer Louden (Exclusive!)
    Audio invocation to get into the flow of your work with ease.
  • Writing Raw by Julie Daley
    A creative practice that guides you across a threshold to take you within, into the vast inner realm.
  • From Dreaming to Doing by Kass Hall (Exclusive!)
    Practical tips, anecdotes, and encouragement to stop thinking and comparing to others, and start doing what you were meant to do.
  • The Creativity Bundle by Kelli Russell Agodon (Exclusive!)
    Two essays, a printable “Successes” sheet, three downloadable reminders of why art is important, and the highly acclaimed, Fire On Her Tongue: An Anthology of Contemporary Women Poets.
  • Now. Here. This by Kira Elliott (Exclusive!)
    Ten self-care practices to bring you back to the present moment.
  • Fierce Monkey Heartline Kit by Laraine Herring (Exclusive!)
    Rise up and meet your writing where it lives! Includes a transcript with additional writing exercises.
  • Let’s Get Ink on the Page by Laurie Wagner (Exclusive!)
    Get started writing, how to figure out what to write about and how to tell the truth on the page.
  • Oneness Meditation by Lissa Rankin
    Move past the fear of being alone and into a state of Oneness.
  • I Have an Idea! by Melody Ross (Exclusive!)
    A step-by-step course to make a designer masterpiece of wall art to inspire your future work.
  • Looking and Seeing by Miriam Hall
    An introductory guide to the practice of contemplative photography called Miksang.
  • How To Write With Insight by Sarah Selecky (Exclusive!)
    A short collection of essays about creative writing, plus an (exclusive) rollicking conversation with Sarah and Jen in which Sarah shares how she stays in contact with her creativity in the midst of business and life demands.
  • Create Your Own Home Retreat by Susan Piver (Exclusive!)
    Susan’s brand-new step-by-step guide for creating retreats at home, plus a sweet and sassy(exclusive) talk in which Susan dispels myths about meditation and creativity.

Isn’t that a powerfully good once-in-a-lifetime collection of insight, support, and how-to-create amazement? YES, it is!

Thanks for being with me in this exploration of the creative life!



P.S. Did I mention it’s on sale for only 72 hours? Get all these goodies for just $108-
Go check it out right here.




Good enough mom.


Photo by Andrea Scher

He texted, “What question do you not want me to ask you? What question would you find disconcerting?”

I didn’t write it. I didn’t dare. But what came to mind was this: Are you a good mother?

Because all I can see sometimes is how I fail them.
How I’m not good enough.
How I don’t read to them long enough, and I shout, and I don’t volunteer in the classroom.

I hear about homemade muffins + family dinners and I think about our meals –  haphazard, no one staying in their chair, at least 3 different meals at play, not enough vegetables.

I think about the cavity on Nico’s tooth, the one right in the front – how on earth did he get a cavity there? and I can see how I delay getting him to the dentist. I imagine him with a gold tooth right there in the front and I feel mortified. I’d rather they just pulled that sucker out. He doesn’t need it, right? It’s just a baby tooth.

And I can see of course that this is all about me,
and that hidden part of me,
those two words inscribed somewhere inside my wounded heart: not enough.

And of course I will take him to the dentist, but I can already see myself rehearsing my lines – “I told him he needed to brush ALL of his teeth, someone (not me) has clearly been giving him gummy worms…”

However you slice it, there it is – bad mother.

Do all mothers feel this way?

I suppose if I really thought I was a terrible mother I wouldn’t be writing this – the shame would keep me hiding. But how do you get to good enough mother? and what is that anyway? There’s no way to tell.

Imperfect mother. Maybe I’ll make a t-shirt that says that. Or maybe we need a hashtag #imperfectmom

I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this. Maybe so I don’t feel so alone. Maybe so you don’t. Maybe we’ll all start wearing t-shirts that say funny things. Maybe it would help in those moments when you stare at that other mom – that perfect mom – from across the playground. Maybe it would help if she had a shirt that said, “I don’t know what I’m doing either. I’m totally in over my head. Let’s be friends.”


What the heck is E-course Bootcamp anyway?

What the heck is E-course Bootcamp anyway? from andrea scher on Vimeo.

Wanted to share a bit about E-course Bootcamp with you in this quick + dirty little video!

Class begins September 14th!

Enter the code EARLY100 to get $100 off.

E-course Bootcamp starting again + coupon!



It’s time to create your e-course!

Registration is now open for the fall session of E-course Bootcamp! If you’d like to launch a course for the New Year, this would be a perfect time to take my course.

The adventure begins Monday, September 14th, 2015

It will be 5 weeks of ushering you through the process of bringing your e-course into the world. Bring whatever seed of an idea you have + we will grow it into something beautiful that channels your authentic style and voice.

This class is an especially good fit for people who are creative-minded and move through the world in a more intuitive way. The process I have designed is fairly linear, but really honors the right-brained business people of the world.

-Live calls every week
-Worksheets to help you map out your course, name your course, and create a powerful sales page
-Lessons in distilling your content, keeping students engaged
-Technical solutions for delivering your course
-Marketing discussions


Email me if you have more questions!

Psst! Use the coupon code: “EARLY100” to get $100 off your tuition (Offer expires August 31st)

Prefer to pay in installments? I’ve got you covered.

E-course Bootcamp
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $250.00 USD
Every 3 weeks (x 1) $250.00 USD
Total $500.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Installment plan for E-course Bootcamp!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.51.46 AM

E-course Bootcamp
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $250.00 USD
Every 3 weeks (x 1) $250.00 USD
Total $500.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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A story of YES.


NOTE: I am republishing this story from several years ago because I have a follow-up I want to share with you!

It’s rare that one experience can completely transform you. Burn you to smithereens and you wake up brand new. That’s what WDS did for me.

This is a story of saying yes. We talk about this in Mondo Beyondo. That dreaming big is about being brave, strengthening our courage muscles, flexing our flexibility, opening to our openness. It’s being willing to be vulnerable. And if I ever wondered if I was walking the walk of Mondo Beyondo these days? A few weeks ago I might not have been completely sure. Was I the most alive version of myself? Was I going to the edges of my courage? Was I becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be? Well, today I know for sure. YES. Hell yes.

What you might not know about me is that I am afraid of public speaking. Like really, really afraid. Like panic-attack-might-not-actually-survive-in-fact-might-actually-die afraid. I avoid interviews, toasts at weddings and offering blessings at baby showers. I am called to teach but shy away from it. I don’t like giving my opinion. I sometimes get nervous leaving voice mail messages.

I’m afraid to use my voice.
But sometimes we are called to say yes anyway.

We said yes because it was such a delightful opportunity– it was Chris Guillebeau who we love, it was Portland, Oregon who I am majorly crushed out on, it was the World Domination Summit! It was an easy yes. It was an emphatic yes! even though a voice in the back of my mind shouted, Are you effin crazy girlfriend??? Do you remember what happened last time you said yes to something like this? (For those of you who don’t remember, I had my first ever panic attack. It was a doozy)

Our talk was scheduled for Sunday morning and Saturday night it happened. I went to bed and slept for about an hour and then woke up with a start. My heart pounded violently, my body would get really hot, then really shivery, I was nauseated and cold. I was alone in a hotel room without my baby. But this time I knew what was happening. And I did something really kind for myself.

I didn’t add to the suffering.

It was as if I was an old friend seated next to myself: “You’re having a panic attack and it’s really, really going to be okay. You can be like this all night. I don’t mind at all. In fact, you don’t have to sleep at all tonight and you will still be able to do that talk tomorrow. It’s no problem. We can just watch bad TV in this great hotel room. We can eat all the snickers bars in the mini bar! No matter what, you’re going to be okay.”

It was a couple of hours more of this before I fell asleep, only to wake again at 5am. But I didn’t die! And I am moved by the kindness I showed myself.


And guess what? I can tell you guys this because I know you will celebrate with me. And this is a big one people.
We rocked the house.
We ROCKED the sh*t out of that talk!!!
And I felt amazing while we were up there. Alive, connected and joyous.

I prayed that I would be in my skin while we were up there, I prayed it would have an impact, I prayed that someone would be healed by it, I prayed that it would be an experience that transformed me (and maybe someone else) forever.


At the end of our talk we announced that we did something really irrational/outrageous/mondo. We told the crowd that we handwrote 500 blessings, one for each person, and pasted them underneath every single chair. There were shrieks and cheers as people read theirs. Some burst into tears. Then, very spontaneously, they stood up and cheered for us! It was truly amazing and overwhelming. I’ve never felt so brave.

On the airplane on the way to Portland, I closed my eyes and asked the universe for something. My request went something like this: Universe? Will you send me a treat this weekend? Just a little something that will remind me that someone is listening, that I am connected to source, that I am safe?”

Matt and I are a wee bit obsessed with a show on Hulu called Make it Or Break It. It’s a teen drama about a group of elite gymnasts who are trying to get to the Olympics. We LOVE this show and have invested an inordinate amount of time feeling connected to these characters. I’ve even had dreams where our favorite girl shows up.

Okay guys, so get this.

I walked out of the elevator at the hotel in Portland and guess who was there when the doors slid open? Payson Keeler, our favorite girl from Make it Or Break It! Actually, it was the actress who plays Payson, but I literally gasped and grabbed her, and made her miss the elevator, and talked really fast and told her how much I adored her and that Matt and I watch her show on Hulu every night and how she is our favorite… And she was lovely and gracious and might have even hugged me.

And as I walked away grinning wide, I realized that this was my treat from the Universe and more importantly, that something big might just be true– that it’s safe to say yes even when we’re afraid, that we are always connected to something bigger, and that we are held especially tight when we feel the most vulnerable.

*All photos above taken by Armosa Studios

Superhero School Installment Plan

andrea_sunburst circle_superhero school2

Superhero School
Number of payments 3
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Super Sponsor Spotlight

Superhero Journal sponsors are, well, super! So check out what they are offering up this month. If you’d like to see your e-Course, Etsy shop, blog or business on the sidebar or in an upcoming Super Sponsor Spotlight, we’d love to have you. Just send a quick email to Amber at: to get all the details.



Mo·jo: A power that may seem magical that allows a person to tap into her own passion, success and life purpose. 

Or·a·cle: A source of a divine communication delivered at a person’s request.

You are here to do great things and have totally unique purpose on the planet. You are ready for this, but need guidance.

You are not the type to consult just anyone. You’re picky. Forget the psychic down the street with the neon sign. That’s not your style.

You want clear direction from an impeccable, heart-centered guide, working for your highest good.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After clearing the space and setting my intention, I’ll do a 3-card Tarot reading. The cards immediately tell me a story about you.
  2. Next is an Akashic records reading to tap into your soul’s journey and your own guides.
  3. Finally, you’ll get my laser sharp intuitive advice. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients as a holistic psychotherapist for 10+ years.

Discover what your guides want you to know and get your mojo flowing.