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Opening the Creative Channel


Andrea + Laurie Wagner

When circles of women get together, they go deep.

And the last two weekends were no exception.

My dear friend (+ writing teacher) Laurie Wagner and I just held 2 weekend workshops in a row called Opening the Creative Channel. There were 18 of us each weekend telling stories, writing, painting, connecting. It was gorgeous + powerful.

After the first Saturday though, Laurie and I got a little worried. There were a lot of tears… more than we expected! And we wondered to each other-  Is this what they came for? Is it too intense? Are we too intense? 

But this is where we had to trust in our own creative process. It was such a great lesson to allow what was actually there be there and keep creating, keep trusting, knowing that there were no mistakes.

And then morning came and when we all gathered it was like a gorgeous storm had come and washed the streets clean. The air felt different and we all felt energized. Beautifully cleansing.

Most of the women in the room were parents of small children, and something occurred to me as I witnessed each woman drop down into themselves - there is so much unprocessed trauma in a mama’s life. There is so much we don’t get to grieve. There is so much we don’t get to feel. So when we have a chance to step away and drop down into ourselves, there is often a tender layer right there, just aching to be felt.

Just holding that was such an honor and a gift.

When Laurie and I came together to create these workshops, we realized we share something in common – we collect practices.

Practices that open us up.
Practices that allow us to hear the sound of our own music.
Practices that allow for whatever wants to come through, come through.

Writing practices, storytelling practices, gratitude practices, courage practices. They are all ways in. They are all ways to find your voice, your aliveness, your joy. They are all ways to wake up.

Some highlights from our weekends were:

1. Having the sweetest, easiest collaboration with Laurie.
2. Painting. Painting. Painting. Turns out painting makes me come alive more than anything else. (So easy to forget)
3. Meeting so many amazing women. Each unique + beautiful + tender + brave + real.
4. Our special guest, Alexandra Franzen who came by + did a mini workshop with us on how to write the best damn thank you note ever. The kind that makes you cry happy tears.
5. A fabulous photo walk with 18 women in Alameda. We were like the paparazzi.

We are already planning another retreat for 2014, so let me know if you are interested. We are dreaming of Taos + Hawaii.


On our photo walk


Opening the Creative Channel, Weekend 2

Ready to feel more joy? Class starts Monday.



Just a quick little note to remind you that Start a Foolish Project begins Monday!

If you were inspired by the wish tree and suspect you have a foolish project inside of you, please join me!

The course is full of great conversations with: Alexandra Franzen, Hannah Marcotti, Jessica Swift, Matthew Passmore, Maya Stein + many others. Plus, live group coaching with me.


Kind words from participants in our last session:

I have gotten so much from this experience and the idea of foolish projects. Turns out, a foolish project is not at all foolish but like the most divine thing. -Moyra Scott, Foolish project: The Secret Salad Society

All of this foolishness has given me great courage in pursuing my dreams! I’m looking forward to the next course -Anna Doogan

I saw a new performer sing the Cup Song on stage and her vulnerability made me cry. When a friend’s 10 year old daughter, showed me that she had learned it, I asked her to teach it to me for my Foolish Project with Andrea… I had never sung in front of anyone other than my singing teacher… but doing it for Molly made me brave.  It was pure joy. I’m craving more of that. -Denese Bottrell, Foolish project: The Cup Song
This was so inspiring! I felt like I really found my community. It was validating and emotional to have my ideas and whims greeted with such enthusiasm and support. I learned how much creative energy I have to give to the world and how needed it is! Thank you Andrea, for this amazing course! I can’t wait for the next session. -Anna
Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 9.02.35 AM
More details here.
Or you can register here.

The best thing I did all year.


I wish to come alive again, at the wish tree


I wish there was no guns, at the wish tree


I wish this tree would stay forever and everybody would cared about it.


I wish my parents lived in the same house happily forever


The wish tree, Berkeley, CA

Earlier this year, we made a wish tree in front of our house. It was my foolish project - something I had always wanted to do, simply for the delight of making something with my hands and bringing something generous + kind to my community.

Little did I know it would the very best thing I did all year.

Little did I know it would be a source of daily joy.
Little did I know that the local high school students would stop by + hang their wishes.
Little did I know that reading these little pieces of paper would open my heart + allow me to feel the sweetest kind of connection.

When we meet a new neighbor these days and they ask where we live, we proudly say, “Over there by the wish tree!” And they always get excited. Recently, when we met a new family, they gasped. That’s yours? The wish tree was the first thing we saw when we moved to the neighborhood! It made us feel like we were home.

Wanna know something kinda strange + poetic?

The tree that all the wishes hang from is a lemon tree. It’s beautiful, but the lemons are inedible. Sour , bitter, lumpy.

But I love the poetry of this – the bitter lemon tree that has been fashioned into a wish tree. The bitter tree that is bringing people hope + delight + a moment of reflection and connection.

The other day I saw a teenage boy carrying a skateboard walk up to my door. He left something on the stoop and I immediately grumbled, I’m sick of those pizza joints leaving their menus on my steps! I ran out to see what he left and my heart immediately melted:


Start a Foolish Project starts Monday, October 7th

If you feel inspired to create something simply for the delight (yours + others) join me for Start a Foolish Project!


We will each be choosing a project that puts a spring in our step. It could be anything from:

  • A wish tree
  • A community dinner
  • A neighborhood water balloon fight
  • Learning to play the ukulele
  • Hosting a Storybowl
  • to a Bubble flash mob

Foolish projects make us come alive

Let me help you discover YOUR foolish project + give you inspiration and encouragement as you create it. Join me on October 7thfor this 4 week e-course.

“Andrea’s superpower is helping you find yours!  I didn’t expect the flurry of ideas that came from this experience… and I especially didn’t expect to get such clarity around what i want to create in my life.” -Denese

More details here. Or you can register here.

Do you wish to come alive again?

Mondo Beyondo starts today! Still room to register.

Dear Superheroes,

Just a quick note to let you know that Mondo Beyondo starts today, September 9th!

The real magic of Mondo Beyondo

In this course, we teach folks to imagine what we call their Mondo Beyondo dreams – the most outrageously wonderful things they can imagine happening in their lives. For many of our students, dreams they never thought possible actually come true.

But here’s the thing: In the end, it’s not really about our dreams coming true. It’s about who we are becoming in the pursuit of our dreams. Are we becoming the most alive version of ourselves? The bravest, most authentic expressions of who we are?

That’s how our dreams serve us. They tell us who we are and who we are becoming. They pull us toward a version of ourselves that inspires.

Are you in?


Or you can find out more here.

Not quite sure? Let the video above inspire you!


Do you have an e-course brewing inside you? Time for a Supersonic Session.

Andrea Scher, photo by Jen Downer

Andrea Scher, photo by Jen Downer

What if you could map out your course in a day?

Picture this.

You + me (in person or on the phone) jamming all day on your e-course. By the end of the day, your idea will be REAL – a course that channels your authentic voice.

As the creator of 9 successful e-courses (including Mondo Beyondo, Superhero Photo, Dream Lab + Start a Foolish Project) I have a lot to share with you about shaping courses for a fun + engaging online experience.


During our day, we will explore:

The journey. Great e-courses (like great stories) have an arc. I will help you shape the course so that your students will be taken on a ride that is meaningful, rich and engaging.

The technical side. I will teach you everything you need to know about the technical aspects of delivering an e-course. We can figure out what options will work the best for you.

The sales page. How to create a compelling sales page that distills your idea into a simple + compelling message.

Your marketing plan. We will create a plan for how you will get your brilliance out in the world.

Design. Make it beautiful. I believe that design is a huge piece of creating (and selling) a compelling course. We will explore the design elements of your marketing material, your logo and any other visual elements.

Simplicity. How do you keep it simple + elegant? This is one of my superpowers. We will explore the architecture of your course and how to give your participants an experience that is rich, simple + engaging.

The map. We will map out your course so that you come away with a table of contents and a template for your class – everything you will need to build your course into something truly remarkable.

Naming your course. Another one of my superpowers. We can brainstorm creative, catchy and sticky titles that will attract participants and set you apart from the rest.

Engagement. How do you keep your students engaged? How do you pull them back in if participation starts to drop off? We will create ways to keep your students engaged with your material so that they come away feeling satisfied + happy they took your course.

Your investment

Supersonic Sessions are $997

You will come away with:

A map. To bring your course to completion swiftly + easily. (See above for details!)

An mp3 recording of our session together.

Ongoing email support + encouragement to bring your course to completion. (Hello accountability!)

A Sponsor Spotlight on the Superhero blog when your course launches. ($100 value)

Everything you need to channel your brilliance into an exciting + lucrative online offering.



Let’s make it happen.

To book your session (or for any questions) just email me here:

With love + joy,

Want your Mondo Beyondo dreams to come true? Start by making a clearing.

Andrea Scher, Manzanita, OR

Andrea Scher, Manzanita, OR

If you have taken Mondo Beyondo, you know that one way we prepare for our dreams to come our way is to make a clearing. A clearing is a wide open space that tells the Universe you mean business. It is a space that you make in your heart, mind + home for the dreams you would like to manifest.

Even though I have been teaching this course for years, I forget how important this step is. Clearings can be anything from a de-cluttered closet to clearing your schedule for an entire month. It could be learning to set good boundaries (and saying no to activities that drain you) or having a big garage sale.

August has been my month of clearing. Big time.

I have been de-cluttering the mother effer out of my house, systematically scanning every corner full of dust bunnies, every junk drawer full of god-knows-what, and wiping down the walls covered in smudgy little fingerprints. (Who knew the walls were so dirty?!) It has been AMAZING and I am feeling my heart lighten as we let go of stuff. So much stuff people! Every day another bag of toys, clothes, etc. goes out the door.


Another motivation for this change is my feeling that our prosperity + abundance was directly linked to the chaos in our home. Toys, books, shoes, everywhere! My friend who is into feng shui pointed to a corner in our house. “That is your money corner. It is filled with dead plants, piles of shoes + toys!”

Yikes! We tackled that first and it looks lovely now! (see above photo)


Are you thinking about taking Mondo Beyondo this fall? If so, consider making a clearing now. I am already feeling the transformation peeps!

P.S. If you are a Mondo Beyondo alumni, you qualify for the alumni rate! Just email me for details:


Summer Special: Any fall class for $59. For the next 48 hours.


Any fall class for $59! For the next 48 hours.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 9.35.16 AM


Register for Mondo Beyondo, starting September 9th.

Coupon code: MBSPECIAL13
More details here.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 9.35.35 AM



Register for Elevate the Ordinary, starting September 16th.

Coupon code: ELSUMMER
More details here.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 9.35.47 AM


Register for Start a Foolish Project, starting September 23rd.

Coupon code: SAFPSPECIAL
More details here.

Psst! Sale ends at midnight August 8th, 2013.

Let the foolish projects begin!


Today’s the day we start!

This is a very intimate class with a lot of interaction with me, so if that appeals to you, hop on board!

Foolish projects do not have to be big or public or loud.
Foolish projects can be quiet + intimate or just for you.

You definitely don’t have to know what your foolish project is. We will be exploring that together.






Curious about the incredible illustration above?

The AMAZING Susa Talan created it as part of her Gratitude 365 series. (I sent her the quote and prayed she would be inspired) I’m in love with every single piece in her series.

Superhero Photo tip: Welcome the clouds




Superhero Summer Photo Tip #1

Right before I took the photos above, I shouted urgently to my friend, “Watch Nico! I have to get my camera!”

It had been bright and sunny all day – a gorgeous day by every measure – except that it was too bright to take a great photograph. The shadows were too harsh, too blinding. Too much middle-of-the-day sun. I regretted having lugged my big old camera  all the way to the beach.

But suddenly, the sun went behind the clouds! We love the clouds! and created a perfect diffuser for the sun. The shadows softened and the light became hazy and almost yellow. I snapped like crazy and Nico hammed it up for the camera. The sun returned shortly after, but I was delighted to get some beautiful shots in that dreamy light.

This summer, pay attention to when the sun goes behind the clouds. Instead of lamenting the cold, celebrate the light! and grab your camera.

More great photogaphy lessons in Superhero Photo!

Class begins next Monday, June 24th, 2013.


Start a Foolish Project- an experiment in aliveness.


As I lay down in yoga recently, a line from a Rumi poem came to me:

Start a huge,  foolish project
like Noah.

It makes absolutely no difference 
what people think of you.

It felt like a message. Nothing short of divine. I had been feeling around in the dark all year for my next e-course but coming up short. I wanted to create something that would delight + energize me. Something that would be a huge gift to my community. Something that connected all of us in a meaningful way.

My body buzzed with excitement as I realized what my next offering would be– Start a Foolish Project! And by foolish, I mean awesome. Foolish projects are those things we do simply for the delight and the joy.

They are things like creating a wish tree or hosting a Storybowl. They might be organizing a bubble flash mob in the park or a book club for people who only read self-help books. A foolish project might be buying that pink ukulele that caught your eye and learning to play it. A foolish project could be deciding to make 10,000 hats and give them away.

Foolish projects make us feel alive.


Here’s my foolish project:

I am going to gather a group of women here in Berkeley (you’re invited!), hire a choreographer and learn a cheesy dance routine. Emphasis on cheesy. Then, we’re going to flash mob it! Yes, like in those you tube videos. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?!!!

Foolish projects appeal to my sense of play, my desire to feel alive + my love of stories. No matter what happens, you will always have the story about that time you were in a cheesy flash mob, right? Even if it was a total disaster. It really doesn’t matter.

What’s your foolish project?

Maybe you do something like my friend Maya Stein who decided to celebrate her 40th birthday by bicycling across the country dragging an old-fashioned typewriter and holding spontaneous poetry workshops.

Or maybe you are more like that woman I heard about last year that was craving community. She decided to drag her rarely used farm table to her backyard, hung some twinkly lights and extended an open invitation to her neighbors for a potluck dinner every Sunday evening at 6pm. She transformed her entire community this way.

Join me + discover the foolish project inside of you.




This 5 week course begins July 1st, 2013.

Early bird registration available now for $79!

If you are in the Bay Area and want to be a part of my cheesy flash mob, you are more than welcome. The more, the merrier. (