Interview with Jennifer Lee: Building Your Business the Right Brained Way


So thrilled to talk about this book today! Jenn has written a book for people like us! Listen in as we talk about doing business the right-brain way. Jennifer Lee has a way of making this creative entrepreneur thing feel so fun and easy. There is so much permission in this book + in this interview to be exactly who you are!

Click here to listen to the interview with Jennifer Lee + Andrea Scher



Jennifer Lee is the founder of Artizen Coaching and the bestselling author of The Right-Brain Business Plan, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world launch their creative businesses. She lives in the bay area and her website is the Right Brain Business Plan.









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Mo·jo: A power that may seem magical that allows a person to tap into her own passion, success and life purpose. 

Or·a·cle: A source of a divine communication delivered at a person’s request.

You are here to do great things and have totally unique purpose on the planet. You are ready for this, but need guidance.

You are not the type to consult just anyone. You’re picky. Forget the psychic down the street with the neon sign. That’s not your style.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. After clearing the space and setting my intention, I’ll do a 3-card Tarot reading. The cards immediately tell me a story about you.
  2. Next is an Akashic records reading to tap into your soul’s journey and your own guides.
  3. Finally, you’ll get my laser sharp intuitive advice. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients as a holistic psychotherapist for 10+ years.

Discover what your guides want you to know and get your mojo flowing.




The choices we make about food are some of the most important choices we make every single day.

The Vitality Project is a series of seasonal e-cleanse programs for anyone interested in feeling more vibrant. We teach you how to tune in to what your body is saying so you can discern what foods your body needs. We want you to understand why it’s important to work with the energy of the seasons, and we want to give you the tools to feel empowered in your kitchen. We believe you can turn to your pantry rather than your medicine cabinet to heal your body.

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What if you trusted yourself with food?
What if you loved your body?
What if you could lose weight without dieting? It is the only sustainable way….

These are NOT the messages we heard in our lives. But this is really possible for you with practice.

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As a weight loss coach, I have worked with women who came to me frustrated + disempowered. They tried 100s of times to lose weight. But until they went through this process of focusing on the cause instead of the traditional symptom of calorie in calorie out, were they able to end their battles with food + their body.

In The Nourishing Journey we focus on the root causes of overeating and learn how to truly nourishing ourselves. The women I have worked with came to me with one goal ~ to lose weight. But what they came away with was so much more…

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The whole Mother’s Day enchilada


Last night Ben gave me my mother’s day card early. He was so excited he couldn’t wait! which totally charmed me. When I gave him a big hug and thanked him, Nico started to sob. Like big, crocodile tears sob. And then he sputtered,  “BEN DIDN’T GIVE ME A MOTHER’S DAY CARD!” and sobbed some more.

“I have a surprise for you Nico!” I exclaimed and RAN to our back studio where I scribbled, Happy Mother’s Day Nico! Love, Mama on a piece of watercolor paper.
“Close your eyes and hold out your hands!” I told him.
And when I lay the card in his tiny palms he looked genuinely pleased.

And then Ben started to cry from the couch. “You didn’t give ME a Mother’s Day card and you got one for NICO!!”
Oy vey. Back to the studio.
Happy Mother’s Day Ben! Love, Mama

And when I gave him the card he looked happy for a split second and then he wrinkled his brow, “You just gave this to me because I got mad!” and started crying again.

This whole scene - comical, tragic, annoying, heartwarming, irrational, hilarious- somehow illustrates motherhood at this stage so well.

You don’t get to pick and choose. You’ve got to take the whole enchilada. The whole crazy package.

Happy Mother’s day everyone! Love, Andrea









Nothing Changes Until You Do


Today we have a special treat! We are celebrating my pal Mike Robbin’s brand new book: Nothing Changes Until You Do: A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way. I have known Mike for many years and have always admired his ability to be vulnerable + real and do his soul work.  I’m so honored to know him and  appreciate his powerful + compassionate voice in the world. Enjoy this interview!

Tell us about your new book, Nothing Changes Until You Do:

I’m really excited about this new book- my first in 5 years! This book is about what I believe is the most important human relationship we have – the one with ourselves. Sadly, many of us don’t have a very healthy, empowering, or positive relationship with ourselves – and we spend a lot of time thinking that our value is based upon what we do, how we look, what people think about us, the status of our relationships, our outward accomplishments, and more. None of this is true. In Nothing Changes Until You Do I share stories, insights, and lessons about how we can have more compassion for ourselves, accept our lives as they are, and take responsibility for making healthy and positive changes.

How did this book evolve? And was it hard to share so much of yourself in it?

This book came about over the course of a number of years.  I wrote my first book, Focus on the Good Stuff, in 2007 and my second book, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, in 2009, but took some time in between my second book and this new book for a variety of reasons.  There have been some big ups and downs in my life in the past 5 years, we went through some challenging financial times, including doing a short sale on our house, my mom died of lung cancer a few years ago, and my wife and I had two miscarriages – all of which were very painful and difficult experiences, yet they taught me a great deal.  We eventually got ourselves out of debt, figured some things out about parenting and marriage, and my business really took off in a wonderful way. In addition to all of the external highs and lows, I feel like my own sense of myself and my own growth has deepened and evolved a great deal…in addition to my awareness of others and what lots of people are going through.

At the end of the day, I think that the most important and challenging human relationship we have is the one with ourselves…and this is what the book is all about…making peace with ourselves. I shared so much of my own experience and so many vulnerable stories because that’s just how I roll in life. I also believe that we often teach best what we need to learn and my approach with this book (and most of my work) is to share my process in a real way, with the intention of both touching and teaching others in the process. It does feel a bit scary to open myself up like this, but it is also liberating and it is, what I believe, is the best way for me to connect with others in a way that can make a difference for them.


The subtitle of Nothing Changes Until You Do is “A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way.” Do you think we’re the biggest obstacle to our own growth and success?

Most often, yes!  Much of what we do in life is fairly easy, it’s dealing with ourselves that is often the hardest part.  When we’re able to treat ourselves with kindness, love, and respect, we set ourselves up for true success.  When we look outside of ourselves for success, we always fail or at least fall short, regardless of the circumstances or situations around us.  The more able we are to make peace with ourselves, let go of limited thinking and negative behavior towards ourselves, and embrace our own beauty, power, and strength, the more life can flow with ease and abundance.  Although this is a fairly simple concept that many of us understand…it’s not always easy for us to remember and practice in our daily lives.  However, when we do remember, practice, and embody self-compassion, our life tends to flourish.

How do you describe self-compassion?

Self-compassion is made up of three primary components:

1. Awareness – we have to be aware of how we are thinking about, talking about, relating to, and feeling about ourselves.
2. Kindness – a sense of being kind, forgiving, and loving towards ourselves – regardless of the circumstances, outcomes, or situations we are experiencing.
3. Common humanity – remembering that we are not alone, we’re part of the human family, and whatever pain, challenge, or difficulty we might be facing or experiencing – we have shared emotional experiences with the rest of humanity

What are the benefits of self-compassion?

The benefits of self-compassion are huge.  When we’re compassionate with ourselves, we cut ourselves some slack, give ourselves a break, and let go of the erroneous and damaging perfection demands we often place upon ourselves.  This allows us to let go of unnecessary pressure, stress, and negativity.  Self-compassion also gives us space to make mistakes, be vulnerable, and ask for (and receive) support from others.  It is a much more peaceful and healthy way to relate to ourselves and life.  And, maybe most important of all, when we are compassionate with ourselves, we have the ability to have authentic compassion for others. As the saying goes, “We don’t see other people as they are; we see them as we are.

In chapter 17, you say “Imagine what our lives, our careers, our relationships would look like if we stopped blaming our experience on other people or external circumstances.” You suggest we take 100 percent responsibility for our experience…how can we do this when we are so impacted by external circumstances. Any quick tips for doing this?

This is another thing in life that is simple to understand, but not always easy to practice.

One way I like to remind myself about taking responsibility for everything that shows up in my life, is to change the word “to” to the word “for” in the question, “Why is this happening TO me?” which we often ask in our heads when things aren’t going the way we want them to.  Asking “Why is this happening FOR me?” changes the entire context of how we are relating to life.


Mother’s Day Super Sale! $49 for any class


photo by Andrea Scher

Let’s give ourselves (+ our mamas) the gift of inspiration!

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