CSP #43: Communicating with power + compassion with Alejandra Siroka

Alejandra Siroka M.A. has devoted her life to the study of language and communication. She is a truth seeker who is dedicated to discovering and sharing methods which allow people to live with integrity. Inspired by her belief that developing conscious communication skills is essential in the path of transformation. She founded Language Alchemy – a transformative process which allows individuals and groups to develop thriving relationships and fulfilling lives by speaking their truth with power and compassion.



There is a kiss we want with our whole lives.

There is a kiss
we want
with our whole lives. -Rumi

I’ve been thinking lately about our knowing. That deep, divine kind of knowing. The kind where our body tingles or we get goosebumps. The kind where we JUST KNOW and we can’t un-know it anymore. The kind that speaks to us in dreams. The kind that whispers at first and then gets really loud.

I’ve been thinking about how long we can go on ignoring our own truth.

For me, for many, until our body begins aching, speaking to us through pain, panic, anxiety.

A friend once said to me, “Try this on Andrea. Is it possible that what’s best for you is actually the best for everyone else? Even if they don’t like it? Even if they get mad? I want you to experiment with this. Practice telling your truth: I can’t make it. That doesn’t feel like a fit for me. This is what I want. And trust that what is authentically true for you is ultimately best for everyone.”

This was in the midst of separation from my husband.

It was the most excruciating chapter of my life. Unbearable at times. There were moments when I literally had to chant to myself, “You told the truth and you didn’t die. You’re not dead. You survived it…”

The terror of speaking the truth can feel so big. I was afraid my truth would kill him. Or me.

I spoke my truth imperfectly. A bit late. As best I could. It hurt.

The lessons are wide and deep and ongoing. My love for Matt grew and changed unexpected ways. 

But today I am present to the deep knowing that I am finally beginning to honor in myself. The divine kind of knowing. The part of me that, without all the fear of troubling waters, is now crystal clear.

There is a kiss we want with our whole lives.

There is a kiss I wanted with my whole life.

And it wasn’t the kind of kiss you get from a lover.

It was the kiss from Spirit.

From Myself.

It’s the kiss of living my life’s true call.

It’s the kiss of my own heart.

It’s the kiss of joy.

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Blogging is still the best way to grow your audience + find your tribe!

I have been blogging since 2003… which kinda blows my mind. That’s 16 years! And fiercely believe that blogging is still the best way to grow your audience and find your tribe. I also love the way it nourishes me personally – it helps me feel connected to my voice, my community and my spirit.

Writing for me is like exercise – the more I do it, the more I WANT to do it.
And the more I crave it? The better I get at it + the more I find myself in flow.

And again, just like my exercise practice, I have a hard time doing it at home. I like the support of a teacher, a guide, someone telling me what to do. I like the feeling of the room, of being in a community of others that are all practicing together.

It feels better.
I show up more fully.
It’s more fun.

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P.S. To get the early bird price, register this week! Just enter the coupon code – BRAVEBLOGGER19
The regular course price is $147, but you will get it for $99



Seeing with eyes of love.

My heart has been going through a transformation lately. It’s been years in the making, but I heard somewhere that transformation actually happens in a moment. And that’s what happened recently – a moment when my heart opened.

I can’t tell you the entire story just yet, but let’s just say it has to do with someone I met, who I took a shine to, and then have been going through that dance of vulnerability with – are they interested? are they going to disappoint me? Someone in my Superhero School class said it best – We vacillate between feeling better than and not good enough, both which leave us feeling separate.

And I saw this mechanism so plainly that night. It was operating in the background, probably how it always had, but this time I caught it – I saw how I go to judgment and aversion to protect my heart. Let me explain:

It was a very Bay Area situation – a 3rd date at a tantra workshop where we drank kava and sipped raw cacao, fed maca balls to a partner who was blindfolded. You know, the usual third date stuff! 😉 When I arrived, I was nervous. A tantra workshop? Elixirs? Squishy mats on the floor? What was I thinking?

I nervously took off my shoes and placed them in the entryway with all the others. I headed straight for the restroom, mostly to give myself something to do while I waited for my date. These aren’t my people, I thought.  It’s too woo woo around here, I don’t belong here…

But I played along when the workshop began and put my hand on my heart as instructed. I sipped my raw cacao (delicious!) and meditated. “Tune into your heart chakra,” they instructed. ”Allow yourself to open.” As I did this, something surprising came into view- I saw how all of the resistance I was experiencing, all of the judgments I had arrived with, the aversion I had for “not my people” was how I protected my heart. None of it was true in any authentic way. It was just a stream of habitual thoughts designed to keep me safe, and at a distance. Tears burned in my eyes as I saw one of the ways I’ve pushed love away.

I can be like this succulent, bristly, keeping others away.

But here’s the magic part. In that moment of seeing the machinery at work, it dissolved. And at that very moment, the instructor said, “Now open your eyes and take in your partner with that open heart.” I looked at this man in front of me and was astounded by his beauty. I almost couldn’t take it in. This beautiful being. He looked different than he had just moments before.

It’s amazing how rare these moments are – seeing the world through a lens that is undefended and open-hearted, with eyes of love.

It costs something – vulnerability, openness. But it also gives you something back – the possibility of deeper connection with yourself, the moment, and others.

I want to be intimate with the world. I don’t want to live life at a distance anymore. I don’t want to be protected and defended forever, only letting in little bits of love. I want to grow my capacity, make more space, be brave with my heart, keep opening up.

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Sending you all love,