On being seen + feeling hungry for what’s true.


Photo of Andrea Scher by In Her Image Photography

When the photos came through I held my breath. I feel so good in my body these days, happy with how I look most of the time. But being photographed? That was going to be a whole new layer of acceptance. Kind of like wearing a bikini.

Being seen is vulnerable.

Every single client I have ever photographed tells me the same thing: “I really don’t like getting my photo taken… “ And I always reply, “You and me both! Nobody likes this! But I promise to make it fun.”

Being on the other side of the camera, I had immediate compassion for my clients. Holy moly. Being seen can feel so scary! I noticed how I wanted to be a good client, how I wanted them to like me, how I was hoping they thought I was beautiful. I noticed the moments I was putting on a show and the times when I just felt like myself. I noticed what helped me get back in my skin + back in my body.

Movement is key.

If I sat in a pose too long I started to feel frozen, stiff and unsure. I think that’s why the above photo worked so well  – I was whipping my hair back and forth which was making me giggle. And there you go – something real and true.

I suppose that’s what I’m always searching for in my writing, in my photography and in my relationships. I’m feeling my way in the dark for something true.

What are the words that say it best?
What honors the experience I am actually having in the world?
What friends make me feel most like myself?
What makes me feel aligned with my spirit?
Where is the resonance?

That’s what I’m hungry for these days. And this is where I’m finding it.

Connecting deeply with friends.
Taking photos + capturing the beauty around me.
Riding my bicycle.
Going to my edges + watching myself grow.

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  1. MM
    Posted May 28, 2014 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    And, you really think that those people who want to see how you look can be your real/true/spiritual friend, right?

  2. susan
    Posted May 29, 2014 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

    ..I treasure photos that we have of my mom, my dad.., before the kids all came along.. When you can see, spirit shine,, in anyone’s photograph, it touches (me). This is connection. In real life, (not a photograph) when I’ve been on the receiving end, of being looked at attentively, it is the same.. Seldom do we really gaze at each other, we are quite shy about it..

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