Want your Mondo Beyondo dreams to come true? Start by making a clearing.

Andrea Scher, Manzanita, OR

Andrea Scher, Manzanita, OR

If you have taken Mondo Beyondo, you know that one way we prepare for our dreams to come our way is to make a clearing. A clearing is a wide open space that tells the Universe you mean business. It is a space that you make in your heart, mind + home for the dreams you would like to manifest.

Even though I have been teaching this course for years, I forget how important this step is. Clearings can be anything from a de-cluttered closet to clearing your schedule for an entire month. It could be learning to set good boundaries (and saying no to activities that drain you) or having a big garage sale.

August has been my month of clearing. Big time.

I have been de-cluttering the mother effer out of my house, systematically scanning every corner full of dust bunnies, every junk drawer full of god-knows-what, and wiping down the walls covered in smudgy little fingerprints. (Who knew the walls were so dirty?!) It has been AMAZING and I am feeling my heart lighten as we let go of stuff. So much stuff people! Every day another bag of toys, clothes, etc. goes out the door.


Another motivation for this change is my feeling that our prosperity + abundance was directly linked to the chaos in our home. Toys, books, shoes, everywhere! My friend who is into feng shui pointed to a corner in our house. “That is your money corner. It is filled with dead plants, piles of shoes + toys!”

Yikes! We tackled that first and it looks lovely now! (see above photo)


Are you thinking about taking Mondo Beyondo this fall? If so, consider making a clearing now. I am already feeling the transformation peeps!

P.S. If you are a Mondo Beyondo alumni, you qualify for the alumni rate! Just email me for details: superherosf@gmail.com


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  1. Posted August 31, 2013 at 6:36 pm | Permalink

    HI Andrea,

    This post really resonates with me as this is a huge part of what I teach as well and was one of my BIGGEST lessons in my awakening.

    I had acquired so much “stuff”, and from all aspects, including physical junk, emotional baggage, etc, but it wasn’t until I sold nearly everything in my home (yup, sure did!) and moved back from NZ to Dubai that there was such a huge shift created!

    I love that whenever I’m feeling “stuck’, I can easily just assess the situation, take a look around and get some clarity on what needs “clearing”. Thanks for this post, as I’ve just cleared out another huge space in our home, I feel some beautiful things coming our way!

    Have a gorgeous day!

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