The Art of Money


Just wanted to let you know that the amazing Bari Tessler (interviewed a few months ago as a Creative Superhero) is currently registering for an incredible year-long class called The Art of Money.

I took Bari’s Conscious Bookkeeping class almost 10 years ago and she taught me so much about my relationship with money– where I hold shame and fear, the source of my “money style” and how to create a bookkeeping system to match my values and spirit. All these years later, I can see I have more work to do around money. Perhaps you will join me in my journey with Bari into the The Art of Money?

Either way, here are Bari’s free gold nuggets of wisdom:

NUGGET #1 – Money Shame. We’ve all got it. Let’s work with it.

NUGGET #2 – Bookkeeping Love + Empowerment (Part 1)

NUGGET #3 – {VIDEO} Introduction to Money + Enneagram

NUGGET #4 – Bookkeeper Tells ALL + 16 questions you gotta ask (Part 2)

NUGGET #5 – Cash flow, Earning, and Entrepreneurship, Oh My!

NUGGET #6Spend money on your money relationship?! 5 Steps to a Solid Money Decision.

If you have soul work to do around money (don’t we all?) she’s the one I trust. She is compassionate and gentle, wise and generous. I’ll be learning with you.




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    So excited to see you’re doing Art of Money too! It’s my 3rd round working with the lovely Bari & I first discovered her several years ago when she had an ad on your blog. I’m so grateful! See you over there in Money Learning Land. :) xoxo

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    Your article The Art of Money – Superhero Life With Andrea Scher write very well, thank you share!

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