Forgot how to play? Rest? Dream Lab to the rescue!

Finding my playful side with my big boy Ben, iphone 4S

One of the brilliant bits of advice I received from my husband during my recent parental meltdown was this: Ben is five. And he’s a boy. This means he just wants to PLAY. He wants to wrestle you to the ground, throw stuff at you and have (you animatedly) say, “Ahhh! You got me!”

It sounds so simple in my mind, but it turns out that play is a huge learning edge for me. Especially when I’m under a lot of grown-up type stress. Major challenge. But I am committed to finding ways to play more with my boys so we can connect more deeply. To let go and have more fun.

Dream Lab – A summer filled with rest, play and kindness.

Two years ago, we launched the very first Dream Lab. We decided that we would set down our Mondo Beyondo lists for the summer and do an experiment instead: What would happen if we consciously cultivated the qualities of rest, play and kindness in ourselves? What would shift in our lives? Where would we become unstuck? What would come alive in us?

That summer was transformative. And I am SO excited to do it again. Hopefully with you.

What’s in store for you!

1. Experiments in Play: We know that theoretically we all want to be more playful, but getting there is another story entirely. Every Monday we’ll start out the week with a simple invitation to break out of your mold and let your hair down. In order to make Mondays fun, fast and easy, we’ll help you assemble your very own Play Kit, so you’ll have practical inspiration ready when you need it.

2. Love Letters from the Universe: These are inspirational messages delivered directly to your inbox designed to keep you engaged with the idea that you can let yourself do less, rest more and dive in to more joy and delight. We promise whatever we send will be a fast and easy read.

3. Secret Missions: This is a once-a-week hands on activity that we invite you to do with the wider world. Secret Missions are designed to energize you and make you feel connected and happy. Our secret mission collaborators include: Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Andrea (Hula) Jenkins, Katherine Center, Mark Thomas, Patience Salgado and Tracey Clark.

4. Simple Sundays: This is a once-a-week experiment in rest and renewal in the tradition of Sabbath, a sacred ritual observed for centuries for different reasons by people from all walks of life. We’ll practice new and creative ways to slow down and make more space for kindness and rest to transform our lives.

5. A buffet of goodness: The Dream Lab is designed to be a buffet of goodness–take what appeals to you and leave the rest behind. There is no journaling in the Dream Lab, no heavy processing and no obligation to do anything but read a quick email each morning and respond to wherever your heart is calling you. We expect this to be a light, enjoyable and renewing time!

Dream Lab starts next Monday, June 18th

P.S. If you have ever taken a class with me, you are eligible for an alumni discount! Email me for the coupon code!


  1. debbie
    Posted June 12, 2012 at 3:00 pm | Permalink

    shifting into play mode is hard for me too. I take life much too seriously.

    Recently I’ve been watching our eleven year old husky interact with our 5 month old puppy. 96.7% of the time, the puppy wants to play exuberantly with the older husky and 96.7% of the time the older husky is having no part of it. She growls, does a quick “back off” bark and is over all just a grumpy old lady. But when the puppy does convince her to play, oh the joy that emerges!

    Anyway, I am seeing a lot of myself in our older husky. I see how set I am in my seriousness and how I grumble and bark when someone wants to play with me. And I also see, joy of joys, how wonderful it feels when we allow ourselves to play.

    Shifting from grumpy old husky to playful puppy is hard.

    Thank goodness for little boys and playful puppies who remind us how!

  2. Posted June 15, 2012 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    I love this! I think that even as adults, we all have a need to play, to be chased and have someone ‘get’ us.


  3. Posted June 23, 2012 at 2:42 am | Permalink

    Yes, what a blast. Thank you for sharing and demonstrating the joy of transparency!

  4. Posted February 14, 2018 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

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